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Process Consulting

Process and People.  These are the building blocks of every successful organization and you cannot have success without good people and a strong process.

Henry Ford revolutionized the auto industry because he changed the process of the way an automobile was built.  The MacDonald Brothers changed the fast food industry because they changed the process of how food is prepared and served.  This five minute video clip is the perfect example of refining process:  The Speedy Service System

Motor City Evolution builds success by improving process and identifying the right people to carry out this process.  We deliver a comprehensive overview of your current system and staff and look for ways to evolve your process to become more efficient, more user-friendly and more profitable.  We specialize in sports and recreation organizations and we have helped many small companies re-launch their operation strategies.  Our staff can even stay with your organization for several months to help execute the process to perfection.

We can provide any degree of direction you may need.  We can examine minor tweaks over a phone call or we can be on site for a full overhaul and work with your team until your staff and process are in sync.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.  Once your needs have been identified, we can set you up with our team of experts and start working together to build the perfect process for your organization. Contact Geo Thomas at 248-506-8376 or to take your first step!

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