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Summer Camp Updates

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August 15, 2022

Scoop Wilson, (EPI): The 3rd annual Can't Stop Us Girls Basketball Camp tipped off Monday with 73 girls taking the court at the Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield.  It was the largest CSU camp in the three years and there was definitely an eagerness to compete!

Today was mostly an evaluation day as baseline stats were taken and teams were formed.  "Although these were just pre-season games, all the girls played hard and showed what they are capable of" said Coach Jillian.  "It was fun to watch"

SHOOTING STATS:  Mid-Range jumpers were recorded today and campers will work on this shot over the next two days.  Stats will be taken again on Wednesday to see who has improved the most.  Here are the shooting percentages recorded from Monday:  CSU Shooting Stats

FREE-THROW SCORES:  One of the competitions we have in camp is the free-throw contest where middle school girls and elementary school girls will compete to see who the best clutch free throw shooters are.  We will have several rounds to earn a seed and the contest will start on Friday.  Here are todays results:  FT Scores

4-BALL STANDINGS:  Here are the standings after three games of 4-Ball:  CSU4B