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Summer Camp Updates

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August 17, 2022

Scoop Wilson, (EPI): Day Three of the Can't Stop Us Girls Basketball Camp was the best by far.  Players in grades 2-9 have started improving their games and their gametime strategy.  "Some players are really putting in the work and their game performance is showing it," said Coach Grace today, "Especially the younger campers who seem to have a lot of passion for the sport."

Today, six hardest workers were identified in the stationary conditioning station. "The Blitz." This is a conditioning program that many professional athletes use to improve core strength.  Mia Maccani, Lucy Nemeth, Abby Barnosky, Allison Tuladziecki, Emma Sumnicht and Izzy Papa were all chosen for their outstanding work ethic.  For 15-minutes these campers, and many others, were dialed in to the power of strength training.  Well done!

WIN COACH GEO'S MONEY!  Today, Vanessa showed the camp how fast her hands are in the Amber Drill.  She is the camp champion after defeating Ella Ross 3-0 in the championship.  Her quick reflexes earned her a finski!

BALL HANDLING METRICS:  From 2002-2012 and again in 2022, Campers in various "Coach Geo-led" camps were put through a basic speed dribbling course to see how their times compared.  Today, all players took their trip through the course.  The attachment shows how they fared.  7th/8th graders were measured up against 479 other campers.  Grades 5/6 were compared to 703 prior campers and grades 3/4 were measured against 412 campers.  Here is how they fared: 

Tomorrow morning, we will post the improvement times from all players!

SHOOTING STATS:  Mid-Range jumpers were not recorded today but campers will shoot again on Wednesday to see if they have improved.  Here are the shooting percentages recorded from Monday:  CSU Shooting Stats

FREE-THROW SCORES:  In our free-throw competition, Jaya Jackson had a perfect score today to advance herself to first place with 39 points.  That is five more than both Lexie Fry and Sophie Schwainik who both have 34.  The largest climb today was Kaitlyn Therrian who rose nine points from 15th to sixth place. Check out the entire camp scores here: CSU FT Scores

4-BALL STANDINGS:  Here are the standings after two days of 4-Ball:  CSU4B


Tomorrow from 6-7:15pm, girls entering grades 3-8 are invited to our Wednesday Skill Sessions at Franklin.  Tomorrow will be our last session of the summer.  The cost is $20 and girls will work on various skills with Coach Geo and a guest coach.  RSVP with Coach Geo!



For Girls entering grades 6-9, we have our Wednesday Strength Training at Franklin from 7:30-8:30pm.  We focus on core strength, plyometrics and introduce light weight training.  Cost is $20 and RSVP with Coach Geo is required.



For Girls entering grades 7-9, we offer pick-up basketball at Franklin from 7:30-9:00pm.  Girls play a series of 7:00 games with no referees, no coaches and no playbooks.  Just fun, creative basketball.  $15 and RSVP with Coach Geo is required.  Two dates remain:  August 19 & Aug 26