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Referee Training

Our referee training program can be an outstanding asset to any basketball organization.  We understand that many leagues have limited resources and finding competent officials on a limited budget is difficult.  That is why the Evolution Referee Training Program is a must-have for every youth basketball league.

Geo Thomas has over 30 years of officiating experience and understands how the game should be called inside and outside of the rulebook.  He can bring that knowledge to your league's officials and provide them continuous feedback throughout the season.

Our training packages make it very easy for your officials as we will come to your gym to train.  We will cover both classroom work (rules, terminology, hand signals) and court work (positioning, communication, transition rules).  Our advanced package will have Geo or our trainers work your games for free to show an example of how the game should be officiated.  This offers the perfect environment for referees to train as beginners with a senior referee who can teach the basics of officiating during live action.

We also offer individual training for those looking to learn how to become a referee.  Contact us today to set up a training program that's right for you!  248-506-8376 or

League packages start at $300.  Individual packages start at $100.  Click here for additional pricing.

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