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About Motor City Evolution

Welcome to the Evolution!

Simply put, we are a basketball organization that strives to deliver the most professional, organized and rewarding basketball programs in the world.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MCE Founder Geo Thomas makes every effort to ensure that Evolution programming is of the highest quality.

The ultimate goal is to give every player confidence on and off the court. "If a player leaves our program with more self-confidence than when they arrived, we feel we have done our job," says Coach Geo.  And hopefully that is accompanied with achievement on the court."

From our beginner basketball clinics to our Youth Leadership Project, Motor City Evolution can provide a basketball home for kids of all ages.  Along with youth basketball programming, Motor City Evolution offers a wide variety of outstanding professional services including consulting, referee training and sports coaching clinics.

For more information, explore this website or give us a call at 248-506-8376.  


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