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Professional Services

Motor City Evolution offers several consulting and training services to help your organization, league or business evolve to the next level.  

Process Consulting:  Discover new ways to do old things.  Our team of event strategists can examine your current business process and identify areas that can be tweaked -or overhauled- to maximize your resources.  From identifying potential staff to promotional events, we have you covered!   Let's make a plan!

Basketball Coaching Clinics:  With over 2000 games coached at various levels, "Coach Geo" has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to develop a successful team.  He delivers a useful and practical plan for coaching success.  Let's X and O Today!

Referee Training:  Perhaps the most difficult task any league director has is to find good referees.  MCE Referee Training is the perfect asset for your league as we give future officials the tools needed to be the ultimate guardians of the game.  Earn your stripes now!

Youth Leadership Project:  This program is designed to teach all aspects of sports leadership.  Instructors will cover coaching, officiating, child safety and advocacy, first aid protocols and how to motivate those they are leading.  We will also cover many leadership attributes such as interview skills, public speaking, resume building and how to listen.  For students entering grades 8-11.  Enter here to lead!

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