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Womens 30+ Basketball

Motor City Evolution is creating a women's basketball program at the Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield for players 30-years and older.  It is the first adult-based program for MCE.  "We are excited to launch this new program and give women a place to play some quality basketball," said Motor City Evolution owner, Geo Thomas.

Program Director and former college player Noelle Ehlers will facilitate games every Thursday.  Noelle will help get games started, keep time and score and get feedback from players on how to move forward.  "I am hoping we get enough players to start a league by mid-October," said Noelle, "But now we'll just focus on developing a strong group of players who enjoy playing and want to play on a regular basis."

Pick-up games will be played every Thursday from 7:30-9pm.  The drop-in fee is $15 (cash or check payable to Franklin Athletic Club).

Contact Noelle for more information or to RSVP:  

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